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For the last two decades I have been on the road training and consulting law enforcement professionals along with “day job” as a Police Commander in a major police department. It has been an improbable journey but one I have been immensely blessed to partake in. My perspective comes from speaking to thousands of police officers across 48 states and several countries in a classroom where I have been entrusted to help and guide them. While I have written hundreds of articles and a few books, my passion is to get this vital information to the profession and the communities that are served. This website will ensure that you have the most timely and up to date information on furthering your mission to be a courageous leader.

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Joining me here will be the closest you can get to the Courageous Leadership Seminar. Each weekly post will be not only timely but will expand on the proven principles of Courageous Leadership.

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If you have been to my seminar, you know that it is much more than a class but it is a mission to build a tribe of Courageous Leaders that can literally change it all. The “Power of One” person making a difference is amplified to the greatest degree if we all move forward to making a difference.

The journey of Courageous Leadership is not about me or any individual but it is about all of you. I have no desire to “pass the torch” of Courageous Leadership because I want the flame to be so large that it could never be stopped.

The time is now to do that.

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Travis Yates is a police commander and author of “The Courageous Police Leader." His leadership and risk management seminars have been taught to thousands of professionals across the world.