Travis, thank you yet again for telling the truth. : )

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Somehow we missed the Inaugural National Professional Law Enforcement Community Engagement conference in Atlanta early this month.

"The conference aims to explore how community policing can be implemented to restore trust and address racial tensions in communities across the country. Reverend Markel Hutchins, president and CEO of social justice advocacy group MovementForward, emphasized that community engagement is not just about hosting events, but should drive every level of public safety."

We could just chase intangibles instead of measurable data like crime. Great job Dr. Yates.

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As Jeff said , and I concur :

The vast majority of Police Officers are respectful , courteous , patient and understanding.

Are there some who could use better effective communication skills when dealing with the general public ?

Yes , but if you're going to put that on Law Enforcement , then you have to include the thousands of other jobs where employees are required to do the same e g. Going out to eat in a restaurant , going shopping , calling customer service , etc.

Hunan behavior and social dynamics are complex :

A person who is generally a nice person could be having a rough day ; overwhelmed with responsibilities , dealing with personal issues.

Dosen't necessarily reflect who they are ,or the standards of their particular work environment.

There are many different personality types.

What about when Police Officers have to deal with an ungrateful and unappreciative public who yells and screams at them šŸ—£

Calling them every foul name under the sun , and putting the middle finger šŸ–• in their faces ?

Yet ,they are required to take that crap , and still serve with " Courtesy and Respect. "

Where's the " Courtesy and Respect " for them ?

Ridiculous requirements placed on Police Officers.


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Even as progressive agendas try to destroy law-enforcement by baseless, vague, one-off complaints that are usually without merit, the substantial overwhelming majority of police officers that do well will be the bedrock that reestablishes trust!!!

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