Rhetoric including doomed and hopeless are reserved by reasonable people for most extreme examples of destructive leadership. I'm sad but I must agree with Bob Scales and Dr. Travis Yates. Minneapolis survived the crime, looting, rioting but was betrayed and destroyed by the toxic leadership of Frey, Arredondo, and O'Hara.

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Thanks Travis for speaking the truth that so many others are aware of but afraid to talk about. No doubt this article is encouraging to those brave officers still employed there for whatever reason. Keep up the good fight Sir.

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Thank you Travis Yates. A sorrowful and sound warning about the dangers to the public safety and the policing policing - particularly in Minneapolis. On just the 72-page Use of Force Policy alone -- such is a clear violation of what I have identified as the Police Policy Principles. First, police policies must rest upon a foundation that is both consistent with and supports the law. Second, they must be focused on setting the best possible trainable and attainable standards. Third, they must embrace six core pillars: Clarity, Courage, Consistency, Confidence, Consensus and Capacity. The 72-page draft fails these principles, the MPD's officers, and the City of Minneapolis.

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