This has direct application every single day I go to work. Thank you sir!

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An awesome word for today's leaders. I hope future leaders take note!

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Uncle Trav ,

This article is very deep.

Emotions are very complexed , and even with the study of how our mind / thoughts afffect our actions e.g. " Emotional Intelligence " as humans , there are always going to be times when our emotions get the best of us.

There are positive emotions that fule us to take action , and negative ones that do the same.

What might appear as a negative action to some , might appear positive to others.

Remember how we started off your interview with me ?

I started crying right at the onset , and throughout the interview , but no one perceived me as not having " Emotional Intelligence / self control , because my emotions were real , and connected with everyone else's.

There's a saying :

" What comes from the heart , reaches the heart. "

Being a Police Officer such as yourself is one of the most challenging occupations that requires control of ones emotions.

I've been out with Police Officers / EMS and have witnessed first hand what it takes for them to handle certain situations emotionally.

I couldn't do it man . ..

The stress level of Police Officers is much higher than most - they have to confront and deal with things that most people couldn't possibly understand.

Then , they have to somehow try to process all of the horrific things they encounter out there , and try not to bring it back home.

Ok , you gave that guy the buisness , but at least you are aware of it , and are willing to address it.

What about Leaders / Ranking Officers who's behavior is like that on the regular ?

However it lands , is how it lands.

He handle it 🤕


Commander Heal used to tell me stories about combat missions he was on , and if his instructors weren't carried out to the letter - he would tear into his Platoon 🗣

And guess what ?

He didn't give a hoot about how they felt .

Lives were at stake.

Sometimes , it's good to get the ' blast ' from your Leader - keeps you on your toes 👊

We all deal with displaced anger / frustration ; it happens.

Tell ya what though :

That person will know you're a Leader who shoots straight from the collar , and he won't mistake your future efforts to be more patient and considerate towards him for granted.

Now , go and enjoy some golf ⛳

Nephew Tommy

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