It’s that one degree shift as police “leaders” are content to slowly heat up in the pot versus jumping out because they know it’ll kill them. Thank you for giving me more to consider.

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Agreed, Jeff.

I've been noticing another disturbing trend, though I'm not sure how widespread it is: recruitment posters featuring everyone EXCEPT for white men. A local police chief even publicly stated that he wanted to see recruitment classes made up of primarily minorities. Diversity in policing is a good thing, but why penalize an entire demographic for something they have no control over? Very troubling.

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I wish every police chief and anyone concerned about public safety could read this.

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Agreed! Send it to your police Chief :)

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Hi Paula ,

I totally agree with you regarding certain Police Departments purposely putting an emphasis on trying to recruit more minorities and leaving white men out.

I am a black man who has a Father in Law who achieved rank of Dectective First Grade, Gold Sheild , Major Case Squad , NYPD.

He started as a Patrol cop in the 60's , and became Dectective in the 70's.

Back then , there wasn't any concentrated efforts placed on hiring certain racial groups , either you were cut out for the job , or you weren't.

It's interesting to see now with widespread efforts to basically ' phase out ' white Police Officers in certain Departments , those Departments are plagued with the most problems.

I'm black and let me tell you from personal experience :

Some Black and hispanic Police Officers can be the most insensitive out there towards their own.

A good Police Officer is not determined by race.


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