Travis Yates is on point here. Lowering hiring standards is not advice police agencies should follow to meet their recruiting needs. Odd — that the same DOJ that seeks to impose consent decrees on police departments across the country also encourages the lowering of hiring standards. Such advice seems to be a good way to boost the for profit consent decree monitoring trade, further federal oversight of local policing, and bolster future civil suits alleging poor police performance.

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We are seeing it too often:

Last March, the New York City Police Department, the nation’s largest city police force, made a significant change in their physical abilities training expectations.

At first read, I missed the main point, due to intentional subtleties, but they have eliminated a 1.5 mile run, to be completed within 14 minutes, at the conclusion of the six-month academy to graduate.

For clarity, after being paid to attend 120 days and about 240 hours of physical training and defensive tactics administered by highly trained and well-paid instructors, these new young recruits would not be able to complete what most of my retired friends describe as slightly faster than a brisk walk.

Great article Dr. Yates on the most critical short term and long term issue facing law enforcement nationswide.

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