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Did you ever comment on the kneeling epidemic in 2020? Chief of Department Monahan led bosses in the NYPD from anti-police protest to protest and in unison white shirt clad Lieutenants, Captains, up to himself (the highest ranking uniform member) would literally prostate themselves in front of activists screaming "NYPD KKK". There's some great pictures of the rank and file just looking on totally disgusted; exactly ONE Lieutenant had the courage to apologize to the entire department on interdepartment email (no idea if he was disciplined or not).

THIS is what has to be fought. Police bosses with well over 20 years on, with exactly nothing to lose (your pension is garenteed from anything except a felony conviction), refusing to muster to courage of a single conviction to defend what they presumably stood for their entire lives. One wonders exactly what they did, or how much of what they accomplished was simply back room intrigue and nepostism.

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