As always. Excellent article!

I agree that we need to talk about these dishonest anti-police maniacs. We should be aware of them, understand their tactics, + then not give into their demands.

The reason that police officials should be aware but ignore them is because the goal of these individuals is not to have an honest discussion, but instead, to further their predetermined agenda. 

A police official could waste countless hours trying to satisfy the demands and appease the suggestions of people who have no interest in the success of the police agency or the safety of the community.  In fact, the success of these Dishonest Critics is measured by how close they come to destroying the relationship between a police agency and the citizens.

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This was spot on! Using the data is exactly what people all around the world have been trying to do for decades. Unless, of course, it bucks up against an agenda, or a set of politics that is in opposition. At that point, you can skew the data to show whatever you want.

What you can’t change, however, is the fact that if 10% of our population doesn’t care if cops get beat up while trying to serve them then that’s OK. The only thing we can do is continue to train them early and often from the recruit stage, the police academy, and with ongoing training in the agencies. The first line supervisor has the bulk of that responsibility. I would never expect my Commanders to be involved in the day-to-day upkeep to Instill in the officers the sense of courageous leadership needed to tackle this challenge. Add in some courageous nobility, and you start on the board with the right pieces in play!

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I love the work that Travis Yates is doing. I hate to think about a country where there is no police protection. I have always admired the labor of love that police officers do. Our society is falling apart as our Families, our churches , our education systems and American culture is being degraded and destroyed. This is the work of our enemies , it is not accidental. We who love the Lord and our constitution must stand up and speak up. You can not have a safe and free life without the Guardians, our Police, without Law and Order and Equal Justice under the Law.

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