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Props to Dr. Chaix ,and Ms. Collins for coming with the truth regarding the death of George Floyd.

Also , major props to Travis , who had the courage to come forward with the hard truths and facts regarding Law Enforcement , and where things where were headed :

The deterioration of Courageous Leadership ,and effective Policing :

Major cities crumbling due to rampant crime and lawlessness as a result.

Low morale among Police Officers :

An exodus of Police Officers putting in for their retirement ; many leaving the Department , recruitment at an all time low :

On and on ...

All hell broke loose when Travis came forward :

Threats , lawsuits , people within his own Department turning their backson him.

Travis stepped up and exposed the truth long before George Floyd , and others.

Speaking of George Floyd :

A drug addict and ex con who was high on a concoction of drugs , resistant and non compliant , who was legally and rightfully restrained and detained , created a tidal wave of attacks on Law Enforcement with seemingly no end in sight.

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