Great article.

It's a shame to see Police leaders who are supposed to support their rank and file , bending to political pressure from the left.

From New York - to out here in California.

And look what happens to the ones who have the courage to stand firm :

Look at how they went after Travis man..

Talking about weathering the strom 🌧

Look at how they went after Ed ( Mullins ) up in New York , because he had tthe courage to go to Washington and meet with Trump about what's really going on with NYPD.

How was he repayed for stepping up ?

A damn Federal investigation and indicment.

I am honored that Major Yates ( Uncle Trav ) has given me the privilege and opportunity to now communicate with you.

I am a black man from the streets of the Bronx and Brooklyn , who was blessed to find the truth , and blessed to have great mentors such as Commander Charles Sid Heal ( pops ) , Sherriff David Clarke , Heather Mac Donald - who heard my truth from Brownsville East New York , and brought me to the attention of Thomas Lifson.

Please go and read my Article on " The Fallicy of The Black Lives Matter Movement. "

Where I talk openly and frankly about the lies , misconceptions , and falsehoods perpetuated against good Police Officers.

I wrote it while still in the hood.

Dr. Chaix , I was entralled by your interview.

You are absolutely right that there is a false picture painted about white Police Officers in NYPD.

One of my mentors is Detective Robert Iaboni NYPD , who oversaw one the baddest , most fearsome anti crime units in NYPD.

They had a motto :

" We own the night. "

And they did ; going into the worst areas of the city in the wee hours , and getting guns and low lifes of the street( s ).

The higher ups gave into pressure , because a person by the name of Amaudu Dialo was was shot and subsequently died.

Al ' Jive ass ' Sharpton and his leftist political cronies along with other so - called " community activists " played the race card , and made it look like a group of white Police Officers took him down..

That was an outright lie man.

His unit was highly integrated comprised of highly trained and experienced Officers within the Department :

Black , latino , white , male , female , all working together , all bad asses.

One of the black female Officers turned on Bobby , and went public about the unit " unfairly targeting black men. "

Absolute B.S.

The higher ups dismantled the unit , and New York has been on a downward spiral ever since.

Honored ,

Tom Maynard , Author / Mental Health Peer Specialist / Forensics.

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Great article. As always.

And the next logical question has to be - where will the cowardly leadership end? With the banning of the U.S. flag?

We should not allow the awful ideas of Dishonest Critics to control public policy.

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Well said:

"Banning the flag based on a complaint and claim that someone was “offended” only validates the idea that the Thin Blue Line flag actually is “offensive.” Needless to say, cowardly leaders have done nothing but promote misrepresentations about the flag and misunderstandings between cops and the communities they serve, which is something that can never be encouraged or condoned."

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This is also why I prefer the sheriff model over police chief. Police chief could be a great guy/girl but has to do what the mayor Says. It’s not a defense of police chiefs (haha) but it’s a reality on the ground.

Take a stand like the Seattle chief did during “defunding” in 2020. And you are out of a job.

The buck stops with a sheriff. And they are judged by the voters on one issue. I like that.

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